How to Detect a Font by an Image and Install to your Device

How to install a font / identifying a font by an image

Using images to Identify Fonts:

To detect a font from an image, you can try using a free online AI tool such as What the Font on

Using this tool, you can upload an image from your device, or if it is an image on a web browser, you can input the Image URL, which can be found by right clicking on the image and selecting "Copy image address"

Some other websites that allow you to identify fonts in the same way are:

The more text (in the font), the higher the chance the tools will have of accurately detecting it.
If they do not correctly detect the font, they will usually provide a similar alternative. Not all of the font matcherators will provide the same results.

Once you have identified the name of the font, you will need to source, download and install the font. 

How to Download a Font

To find a download for the font, do a Google search that of 'font-name free font download'

Once you have found a place to download the font for free, remember to check if the license is for personal or commercial use. 

If the free font is for personal use and you plan to use it commercially, you may have to search for 'font-name commercial use', and analyse the results for the best price. 

How to Install a Font

Once you have downloaded the font, it will usually be in a .zip format. Extract the archive file (click here to learn why and how files are archived and extracted).

Once you have extracted the files, you will usually be presented with one or more .ttf formats - (True Type Font). The titles will usually indicate the differences.

Right click on the font format that you want to install, right click and press install. Once you have done this, you may need to restart your design software so that it appears on the list.

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