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Custom Rug - Cat Rug - Personalised Cat Carpets UK

Custom Rug - Cat Rug - Personalised Cat Carpets UK

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Handmade in the UK. These custom rugs are a functional piece of home decor that pets love to sleep on. 

Once you have placed your order, we will get back in touch within 3 days, with a mock up and confirming the colours before starting. Once this has been confirmed it may take up to two weeks to process your order.

  • Crafted with Cat-titude: Our custom rugs are handcrafted with a paw-some dose of cat-titude, ensuring your furry friend's seal of approval.

  • Tail-ored to Perfection: Get your claws into our custom rug options, where you can unleash your creativity to create a rug as unique as your cat's purr-sonality.

  • Purr-imum Materials: Made from high-quality hessian and acrylic yarn, our custom carpet rugs offer the purr-fect blend of comfort and durability for your feline friend's lounging pleasure. 

  • No Slips, Just Flips: With a non-slip backing, our rugs ensure your cat can pounce, play, and nap without any slip-ups, keeping their territory secure and stable. 

  • Feline-Friendly Dimensions: Measuring 60 x 70cm, our rugs provide ample space for your cat to stretch out and relax, making it the ultimate lounging spot for your fur baby.

  • Fur-tastic Design Options: From quirky cat motifs to personalised paw prints, our custom rug options let you unleash your inner cat-tist and create a masterpiece that'll make your cat purr with delight. 

Description: Looking for a rug that'll make your cat's whiskers twitch with delight? Look no further than our custom carpet rugs! Crafted with paw-some cat-titude and tail-ored to purr-fection, these rugs are guaranteed to be the highlight of your cat's day. Made from the finest hessian and acrylic yarn, they offer the purr-fect combination of comfort and durability for your furry friend's lounging needs. Plus, with a non-slip backing, your cat can pounce, play, and nap to their heart's content without any slips or slides. So why wait? Treat your cat to a rug that's as unique and fabulous as they are!

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