Learning Cricut: Where are images stored when saved in Design Space?


learning cricut - where files that are saved in design space are stored

If you have ever saved your work in Cricut Design Space, you will already know that you are unable to choose the storage location on your device. You might be wondering where Design Space files are saved or if you can access them.

The good news is, you can access the PNG files from your C: drive (on most Windows computers). There is a video tutorial towards the bottom of the page.

To locate the files

  • Open File Explorer -  ( and  on your keyboard)
  • Click on View on the top ribbon. Ensure that "Hidden items" is checked
  • Locate your C: drive > Users > (Your user profile) > .cricut-design-space > LocalData 
  • There should be a folder with a string of numbers. Go into that folder, and then the Canvas folder. 

You will see subfolders with named with number strings. Each one of these strings enables Design Space to read the file path. Do not edit anything in any of these folders. Instead, copy them over to a new folder in a different location.

learning cricut - where are design space files stored

Once you have copied the files to a new location, you will need to do some housekeeping to store them as you please. If you are looking for a specific file, you can use the "Date Modified" column to assist.

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