How to make a file Smaller — Compressing and extracting .zip / .rar archive files

What is a Compressed File?


ZIP and RAR are both types of archive (compressed) file formats. The main diference between them is that the ZIP format can be read by any operating system, whereas RAR format requires a third party tool called WinRAR  you can download an unlimited free trial here

If you are sharing files, there are a variety of benefits to archiving them first:

  • They take up less storage space on your device.
  • They are easier to share and download: one archive file can contain multiple folders and files. 
  • They use less data when transferring: quicker to upload and download.

You may be using high-spec device, with a super-fast internet connection  if you are regularly sharing multiple quantities of large files, you are likely to discover external factors out of your control, forcing you reduce the data that is being transferred. For example:

Google's standard email attachment limit is 25mb, so if the files that you want to send exceed this amount, then you can collate the files into an archive folder.

How to make a file smaller

To put your files into a compressed archive, it's as simple as selecting the files that you want to send, right clicking and pressing the relevant button.(Add to "folder-name.rar"

If you are using a Windows device and you don't have WinRAR installed, you can hover over "Send to"  and there should be an option of "Compressed (zipped) folder" for you to click.


what is a rar or zip (compressed) file


How to extract files

You may have landed here because you purchased some SVG files and you're not sure how to extract them. Fortunately it is just as easy to extract files as it is to compress them. Just right click, hit "Extract files" or "Extract here" depending on whether you want them to extract within the same folder or not  Job done.

What does compression mean?

Regardless of whether in relation to a file, music or stuffing a Christmas tree back into the box that it was removed from, the definition of compress is to flatten, squeeze or press.

When you are working on a file, whatever the format may be, a general rule of thumb is that the bigger the file, the larger the storage size. We talk more specifically about image compression, and how it affects quality in this blog.


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